We have a state of the art, clean room manufacturing facility in New Delhi equipped with the latest machinery to ensure compliance and uniformity across production batches. We manufacture our own adhesive for patches, bandages and ECG electrodes. Our adhesive has been custom designed for the Indian skin which does not cause any skin irritation/rashes, leaves no adhesive on the skin nor breaks hair when peeled off.

Our machine range spans mixing, kneading, moulding, coating, spraying, impregnation, slitting, die-cutting and packaging machines, enabling us to have a vertically integrated manufacturing facility. Our site is equipped with the latest air/dust handling equipments and epoxy flooring to maintain a clean room environment for medical products.

The patches are produced in a Class 10,000 clean room environment and is attested by ISO 9001, ISO 13485, HACCP and CE Certifications.

Our in-house R&D Center is equipped with the latest HPLC, UV-Vis Spectophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, Peel Strength Testers etc. to not only ensure the highest quality standard but also innovate towards more effective formulations.