Why Viopatch

Targeted Drug Delivery

Oral pain killers deliver less than 5% of the loaded dose to the affected area as it starts getting digested from the mouth itself, and the remaining goes to every part of the body through the blood stream. Viopatch on the other hand delivers more than 80% of the loaded drug to the affected area as it bi-passes the digestive system and is only absorbed in the local blood capillary network.

No Side Effects

Oral pain killers increase risk of having a range of gastrointestinal (GI) problems esp. gastric ulcers on long term use.  They are also not recommended for those who have had a previous heart attack as they increase the risk of stroke. Viopatch only delivers the medicine to the affected muscle/joint without these side-effects of pain killers.

Sustained drug release

When we use topical products (oils / ointments / sprays) the entire applied dose gets absorbed into the skin. When the effect of this dose starts diminishing, pain starts recurring. Viopatch has an inbuilt drug reservoir that releases a constant dose at a controlled rate for 12 hours.

Non-messy / Non-smelly

While creams/ointments/balms are sticky or messy, cannot be applied under clothing, Viopatch can be applied conveniently anywhere on any body part.